Affordable energy services are among the essential ingredients of economic development, including eradication of poverty. Convenient affordable energy is also important for improving health and education and for reducing the human labor required to cook and meet other basic needs. It is important, for the sake of Kargil's continued prosperity, to promote Renewable Energy Projects and Programmes with existing cultural and environmental circumstances, so as to encourage a sound and sustainable future for the people of Kargil.

  • To encourage the use of everlastingly renewable natural resources in Kargil district.
  • To test and demonstrate development models around appropriate technologies which make use of such perpetually renewable natural resources.
  • To mitigate the degradation of natural resources especially minimizing fuel wood requirement from the fragile Kargil forest.
  • To advocate environmentally sound development policies at the local, state and national levels.
  • To provide technical assistance for the formulation of programmes and projects meant for extension of renewable energy programmes in the district.
  • To liaise with other agencies in and outside the country in the field of alternate source of energy.
  • To advise the LAHDC, Kargil, the village level committees, Panchayats, NAC and other local bodies and NGOs in the district on all such matters pertaining to alternate energy resources, as may be referred to it from time to time, and to undertake on its own or in collaboration or other arrangement with national or international agencies, programmes of research application extension and development of energy resources.
  • To undertake research on the emerging issues concerning to the development of Kargil and its impact on the environment and resources.
  • To sponsor or undertake socio-economic feasibility studies or cost benefit analysis with respect to new sources of energy.
  • To help and encourage youth interested in research related to energy resources and environment.
  • To accept donations, grants, contributions or financial assistance from governmental, quasi-governmental or private institutions, persons or any other sources with a view to full fill all or any of the above objects.
  • To accept Governmental budget allotment from UT/district sector.
  • And to pursue the above objectives with the goal of encouraging an ecologically sound and sustainable future for the Kargili people and their land.

These objectives shall be primarily achieved through appropriate projects and programmes focused on targeted intervention, demonstration and advocacy.